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Siaki Sii:

 Siaki Sii was born on March 27, 2003 in the friendly kingdom islands of  Tonga & raised in Los Angeles,  California. Siaki is passionate about his career & gained alot of love for the entertainment world at a very  young age! 

 Though a specialist in the modern dance forms, Siaki gained his highest recognition as a dancer in the  traditional Tahitian dance form under the direction of Tiana Nonosina Liufau. At the tender age of nine (9),  Siaki  won BEST LEAD-ROLE "Ra'atira" at Tahiti Fete San Jose California "2012" the largest Polynesian dance  competition outside of Tahiti. It was the first time in twenty (20) years that a child was awarded with this  great                                 honor.

                              Siaki has also taken 1st place and overall in several traditional Polynesian dance competitions of                                                           Tahitian dance. Now at the age of thirteen (13) years old Siaki Sii was blessed with the LEAD-ROLE as                                                   Ra'atira in the HURA Tahiti Competition held July 2, 2016 in Southern California where they WON                                                         1st place.

                               Siaki was recently nominated at the 2016 COLSAC awards for "Best Youth Actor in a Film" and "Best                                                    Youth Actor in a play."

                               You can see more of Siaki here:


Jackie Person:

Jacquelyn Kierra Person, known as “Jackie” started her martial arts training as a result of a bullying incident.  By the age of nine (9), Jackie achieved the level of Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts.  At the age of ten (10), Jackie began competing on the National Stage within the NBL League and by the age of eleven (11), she won her 1st Overall NBL World Championship in the year end finals. 

Jackie is highly regarded for her technique and precision with the use of Nunckaku in weapons competition.  Jackie uses her traditional technique and physical ability to make sure that while she incorporates the tricks                                     and the gymnastics of Sports Martial Arts she still emphasizes the foundation of the traditional art. 

                                    Jackie’s more recent activities include completing her 1st movie, 'Same Fruit Different Tree,' and                                                             regularly training with the likes of Stephon Reynolds Actor/ Stuntman, Matt Emig Actor/ Stuntman.

                                    Check out Jackie's Martial Arts Reel Here:


Daniel Person:

Daniel began his martial arts training at age four (4) to cope with a learning disability. By the age of seven (7), Daniel achieved the level of Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts. At age five (5), Daniel began competing at local tournaments and began to make himself known as fierce competitor winning 1st place in weapons, forms, and sparring.  At the age of  seven (7), Daniel began competing on the national stage within the NBL League and immediately gained fans with his energy, talent, and infectious personality.  

Daniel’s more recent activities include completing his 1st movie, 'Same Fruit Different Tree,' and                                     regularly training with the likes of Stephon Reynolds - Actor/ Stuntman, Matt Emig - Actor/Stuntman. Daniel                                     is currently the reigning World Champion in Creative forms for nine (9) and under in the NBL League, and is                                     looking to expand his title this year within the NASKA and Elite Martial Arts Leagues. 

                                    Check out Daniel's Martial Arts Reel Here:


Eshe Kirumira:

 Born in Australia, Eshe Kirumira has been an artist and singer since the age of four (4). Eshe has had the  opportunity to travel the world with her family from an early age, and is fascinated by a combination of Sci-  fi films and Japanese Anime. Both genres have caught Eshe’s imagination, and she has also been inspired by  her mother Mary Oyaya into becoming an actress. Eshe has also been involved in sports from age nine (9);  first as a runner, and continues in Shot-put, Javelin, Hockey and Rugby.9




Angelina Ganiere: 

In her short eleven (11) years Angelina Ganiere has appeared on numerous television shows including: ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘A.N.T. Farm’, ‘The Office’, and more. In addition to appearing in several film and commercials, such as ‘Redemption’, ‘Arden’ and ‘The Notice’ to name a few.

Angelina Ganiere's mom says she was born with a smile on her face.; Angelina is a nerdy girl at heart and you will rarely see her without her drawing pad and her BB8 backpack. When Angel isn't acting you can find her playing her violin, attending aerial and gymnastics classes, cosplaying all over the west coast with her family                                   or trying to teach her English Bulldog Diesel to sit and stay. It's a work in progress. Angel loves reading comic                                   books and watching her favorite superheroes save the world.


Charlotte Arnold:

 Charlotte has loved making people smile from her earliest memory.  Being in front of an audience of any size  is her best day. While moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting has been unfeasible until now, Charlotte has  managed to prepare for and to begin her career in film/television from home. 

 Demonstrating her focus and determination, Charlotte taught herself to unicycle at a young age.  She has  worked diligently toward acting in films/TV with the same intensity.  Training consistently in voice and theatre,  along with coaching (via Skype) with her L.A. acting coach, Charlotte has enjoyed acting in regional film.,  episodic and theatre productions immensely and plans to make her career in this field.

                                Some of Charlotte’s feature film work include: ‘Wings of the Wind (2015)’, ‘Through a Child's Eyes (2012)’ and                                     ‘Men Go to Battle (20


Maverick Greyeyes:

   Maverick Greyeyes is from Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada. He enjoys playing video games and collecting      Lego figurines. He also loves playing outdoors and making new friends.Maverick has just started in grade      three (3), he excels in mathematics and his favorite subject is Phys. Ed. When Maverick grows up, he would    like to be a Police Officer. In the meantime, Maverick is excited and looking forward to being part of the          next generation of super heroes with Mindshadow Entertainment.



Miika Whiskeyjack:

Miika is originally from Saddle Lake Cree Nation and currently residing in Edmonton, AB. At just eleven (11) years old, Miika is already an accomplished actor, dancer, and voice over artist. Miika got her start at seven (7) years old when she landed her first ever audition for the award- winning Canadian drama series ‘Blackstone’ as the character “Wendy Bull.” Miika was then brought back for another four (4)           seasons as a regular principle character until the show wrapped.

                                            Miika also made her feature film debut in “Rhymes for Young Ghouls,” directed by Jeff Barnaby. She                                                     was flown out to Montreal Quebec for filming, an experience she says has been one of her greatest                                                     memories thus far. Other works include lending her voice to the ‘LaLaloopsy’ animations as “Fairy Z,”                                                   multiple commercials and multi-media projects as well as public speaking.

                                            Miika found her passion in dance. She trains and competes year-round in tap, jazz, ballet and is also                                                   involved in cheer leading. Miika’s future goals include obtaining her Master’s degree and helping her                                                   community of Saddle Lake. To travel the world with her family and maintaining her cultural traditions.


Jordyn RaMya Lewis-Griffin:

 Jordyn RaMya Lewis-Griffin was born on January 7, 2007 and lives in Fort Washington, Maryland                      with her parents.

 Jordyn is currently performing with The Washington National Opera in The Ring at The Kennedy                      Center for the Performing Arts and has trained with The Theatre Lab's Acting Camp as well as                            Camp Arena Stage. Jordyn has been awarded a scholarship to attend the World Championship                          of Performing Arts competition. She will participate in the 2017-2018 competition.

 Jordyn's love for pageants and modeling have led her to participate in various shows including The                                                      American Girl Fashion Show, the Elite Child Clothier Fashion Show Easter Ball Extravaganza, and the Child                                          Model Magazine Fashion Parade in Orlando, Florida, Walk University NYFW for Young Socialites, Secret                                            Garde, and Devon Rose.  She is also the current Supermodel Unlimited Maryland Icon.

                                     As a dancer and gymnast, Jordyn has won the Grace Brethren Talent Show and first place Beam, second                                            place Floor and Vault, and third place on the uneven bars and overall at Unique Gymnastics.

                                     Her other activities include the Awana Club, Kumon Math, and the Metro Warrior STEM Robotics and                                                  Engineering team.

                                     When Jordyn is not modeling, performing, or attending school she enjoys volunteering at the homeless                                              shelters, assisting Rae-Lew Kennels in raising and showing German Shepard dogs, and spending time with                                        her family.


Benjamin Abemigisha:

Born in the heart of the Pearl of Africa, Abemigisha Benjamin is a seventeen (17) yr old with a rather extroverted personality. He is best known for the films 'Imbabazi' (2013) as "Shany," 'Journey To Jamaa' (also released as Jamaa) (2011) as "Derick," 'The Pardon', 'Zebu' and 'Photofish.'

At the age of thirteen (13) Benjamin scooped the "Best Child Actor" Award at the 9th Annual Africa Movie Academy Awards. During this, and his exposure to film sets have enabled Benjamin to grow in character and be much able to fit in almost anywhere, attain more skill and confidence, and to achieve, undoubtedly, the directors' desire and vision. In his free time, Benjamin likes to spend time behind a novel, listening to music or spending                             ample time with family and friends. 

                            Here are the trailers of Mr. Benjamin Abemigisha's work in "Jamaa"


Cassandra Tusa:

 Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Cassandra Tusa has won numerous awards, including has a Young   Artist award in Hollywood for Best Teen Actress - New Media Performance , Best Child Actress at the Los   Angeles Film Awards, Gold Award for Best Leading Actress at the International Independent Film Awards   in Los Angeles, California and Joey Award (National Acting award) Best Young Actress in a Web-Based   Series in Vancouver BC( for her role of "Jenny" in 'Jenny & Jeff'), as well as nominated for a Young   Entertainer Award in Hollywood for Best Teen Actress Web performance for "Jenny & Jeff."

 Cassandra was also nominated for a National acting award "Joey Award" in Vancouver, BC for her role in                                           'Rob What,' which premiered in Winnipeg at the WNDX film festival and premiered in Switzerland October                                        16th, 2014.

                                      Cassandra recently wrapped on her Lead Role on 'I Knew My Murderer,' in her role of "Gypsy Blanchard."