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Bazzel Baz:   

Bazzel Baz, aka “Baz”, has a career that spans over twenty (20) years, which includes as an actor,              producer, motivational speaker, special operations officer (CIA), technical advisor and philanthropist.

As an actor, Bazzel Baz is known to most audiences for his co-starring role as Raymond “Red”                    Reddington’s Bodyguard on NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’, also serving as technical advisor on the show. Baz’s    additional credits include the Rysher/Bruckheimer television series ‘Special Ops Force (w/Dennis             Rodman) as well as ‘The Agency’ (CBS), Also being featured in projects for Lifetime, the History Channel, TNT-Regal Theaters, among others. To date, Bazzel Baz is respected by many as one of the Hollywood/CIA “go-to” guys, Baz continuing to interact with such established production entities as DreamWorks SKG, MBP, TNT, FX among others.

                                            In unscripted television, Bazzel Baz has served as an analyst for MSNBC (‘War On Terror,’) and Time                                             Warner as well as serving as consultant for 20th Century Fox (‘Anatomy of Violence’) In addition to his                                             work on the USA Network/Mark Burnett reality series ‘ ‘Combat Missions’ (As the Delta Team Leader)


 Gerald Auger: 

Gerald AugerGerald AugerHailing from Alberta, Canada, Gerald Auger is an actor, writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and motivational speaker of WOODLAND CREE descent.

Auger is the recipient of many awards for his tireless work as a motivational speaker, including a recipient of the National Native Role Model AWARD by the Governor General of Canada. Gerald Auger is best known for the lead role in season one as "Pawnee Killer" of 'Hell on Wheels. Other notable appearances with Hollywood heavyweights such as Spielberg’s DreamWorks ('Into The West') Hallmark Entertainment ('Dreamkeeper') Australia’s ('Lost Face') Russia’s ('Anichovs Bridge') National Geographic & HBO ('Lewis & Clark').

                                     To follow Gerald and all of his amazing projects:


Mary Oyaya:

Mary Oyaya is best known as “Jedi Master Luminara Unduli” in the Lucasfilm Star Wars saga (Eps. II & III). She is an Honorary Member of the 501st Legion (A worldwide Star Wars fan club), Rebel Legion, Star Wars Club Portugal, Rebel Legion Mexico and many others. Her experience in Entertainment spans over sixteen (16) years, first as a model and then onto acting.

In conjunction with Lucasfilm, Mary Oyaya has raised funds for Maternal and child survival in rural Uganda using jewelry that she made herself. Mary has actively utilizes her fame to raise funds for various charities around the world.




Maria Raptaki:

Maria Raptaki is a Greek actress, a filmmaker and furthermore she is considered to be amongst the most internationally recognizable female parkour performers .

At the age of twenty-two (22) she started travelling around the world and performed action leads in international commercials such for Ford, Cadbury and Vodafone among others.

A few months ago Maria took part in the "Assassin's Creed" (2016) motion picture UK's casting and furthermore at "The Avengers" (2018), regarding a speaking-supporting role and a featured action                                     role. As for her recent work, Maria was featuring at the MTV music channel (U.S.A.) while performing the                                     lead role in the official music video of Temporary Hero “Circus”.


Roark Critchlow:

Known to soap opera audiences for his six (6) year role as “Mike Horton”  on the NBC daytime series ‘Days Of Our Lives’, Roark Critchlow has went on to pursue notable roles in film and primetime. From having a dual personality in CBS ‘The Mentalist’, to playing Starbuck’s tormented father on ‘Battlestar Galactica.’

Along with his recurring role on ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ Roark has appeared in the ‘V’ TV series along with the CW Network’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supernatural.’ And in no less than five (5) “SyFy” movies. In addition, Roark Critchlow has also voiced the lead character “Joel Shoemaker” in 120 episodes of  ‘Afterworld’, Sony’s                                     critically acclaimed sci-fi animated internet series.

                                    Roark’s acting career has included working with well-known actors as Adam Sandler on ‘Mr. Deeds’,                                     Joe Mantegna in HBO’s ‘Comrades of Summer’ and Gwyneth Paltrow in ‘The View From Here’, to name a                                     few.  In addition, Critchlow appeared in William H. Maceyʼs directorial debut ‘The Layover’.

                                    Roark delivers compelling and inspired performances in lead roles in Movies Of the Week (MOW):                                    ‘Earth’s Final Hours’, ‘True Bloodthirst’, ‘Scavengers’, and ‘The 12 Disasters of Christmas’. And is                                                            currently on the set of HBOʼs ‘Tin Star’ playing honest but uptight “Inspector Lehane” of the Royal                                    Canadian Mounted Police.

                                   Roark’s other acting credits include: Hallmarkʼs ‘Murder She Baked’ (with former Days castmate                                    Allison Sweeney), ‘Pregnant at 17’ (with Josie Bisset) for Lifetime Television, CBS’s ‘Flashpoint’ and                       ‘            Republic of Doyle’, all this on the heels of a guest starring role on ‘Drop Dead Diva’.


Teneil Whiskeyjack:

Teneil Whiskeyjack is an award winning actress who was raised in the small rural community of Saddle Lake, Alberta, until moving to Edmonton at the age of sixteen (16). With roots digging deep into the ways of Cree Culture, she was immersed into her culture through ceremony and dance.

Teneil supports incredible leads in the new hit APTN Series ‘Blackstone’ her most as the character “Kerry.” Other performances include her lead role as “Sarah Fox” in the television series ’Hank Williams First Nation,’ which has garnered her a Best Actress Award at the Alberta Film and TV Awards.

                                    Teneil has also appeared in multiple hit film and television series including; Mixed Blessings,                            for three (3) consecutive seasons, HBO’s ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded                                     Knee,’ as well as animations both in the Cree and English language and commercials. 

                                   With a compassion for the human condition, Teneil loves to explore all fields of acting and                                                    continues to thrive with a career in film, television, and theater.


Jim Nieciecki:

Jim Nieciecki Is a twenty-three (23) year veteran Firefighter & Fire Apparatus Engineer (Driver) and a Tactical EMT. With training in Fire, Arson and Explosion investigations, A.R.F.F. (Aircraft rescue Firefighter) and HAZMAT operations as well.

With a passion for film, Nieciecki has since pursued acting and Film Production as a full time career by becoming a SAG-AFTRA actor. Being cast in multiple Studio films and Network Television shows, and worked on many National Television commercials over the past six (6) years.

                                    Some of Jim's acting credits include: ‘Shameless’ (TV Series, U.S.), ‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’,                                     Columbiana’, ‘Contagion’ and ‘Dhoom 3’.

                                    Check out Jim's show reels: 

                                    Police Sergeant



Zondra Wilson:

Actress/Writer Zondra Wilson made her television debut in 2006 with a guest starring role as a newscaster on the CBS hit daytime soap opera "The Young and The Restless".

Zondra Wilson went on to star in several independent feature films including the suspense thriller, "The Seer" opposite Bella Thorne. In addition, Zondra has landed leading roles in short films such as "Palms" and "My Name is Karma". "Palms" went on to win the award for best drama in the short film  category at the International Family Film Festival in Los Angeles.

"My Name is Karma" has been selected for several film festivals including a win as best comedic                           short in The Atlanta Urban Mediamakers Film Festival and the prestigious Pan African Film Festival.                         She has worked with "World War Z" director Marc Forster and award winning director William                                 Branden Blinn (‘Thirteen or so Minutes’)

                            In addition to acting, Zondra also launched Blu Skin Care, LLC. Blu manufactures and distributes the only                             American-made USDA Certified Organic powdered facial cleanser. Blu's product's are Cruelty Free – Gluten Free                             - Vegan-  without any Parabens, Polymers, Sulphates, Artificial Colours or Fragrances. For more information on                             Zondra's "Blu" visit her website at

Theo Breaux:

Theo BreauxTheo BreauxBorn in Alexandria, Louisiana, Theo Breaux was born the youngest of five children to a military family and spent most of his youth traveling around, in and out of the country. Theo has been a fan of television and film since childhood and knew at an early age that acting in television and film was his dream and career objective.

                                       Theo Breaux can be seen co-starring in such television shows as ‘The Mentalist’ (2008), ‘NCIS: Los                                                        Angeles’ (2009) and ‘Southland’ (2009), as well as the feature films ‘Virtually Heroes’ (2013),                                                                  Hallmark Channel's ‘After the Fall’ (starring Desperate Housewives star Andrea Bowen), ‘It's Always Sunny                                        in Philadelphia’, and is currently recurring on the new CBS medical drama, ‘Code Black.’

                                       Theo is currently shooting a new pilot entitled 'Then What Happened?' Here is the link for the page:



Carmen Campbell: 

Born in Landstuhl, Germany, Carmen Campbell has had a successful career as an actress, model and athlete that has spanned nearly twenty (20) years. 

Known to wrestling audiences as “Envy”, part of the Soul Patrol” tag team (with partner Adore) on the syndicated program 'G.L.O.W' (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), Carmen first came into the spotlight appearing in a commercial (in Las Vegas) with the legendary Redd Foxx.

In addition to numerous commercials (including. AOL, San Diego Tourism) and magazine appearances (including Woman’s Day and G.Q), Carmen has appeared in ‘the Veil’ starring Jessica Alba as well as the CBS syndicated series ‘The Mentalist.”


Eddie Flake:

Eddie Flake is a California native whose career in the entertainment industry began with music. He received his degree in Recordings Arts and Music Engineering from Full Sail Real World Education based out of Orlando, Florida. In 2007, Eddie moved to Los Angeles and expanded his career in the entertainment industry and began working in television production. Eddie moved from behind the scenes to the front of the camera and appeared in several movies –'Along Came Polly' (2003), 'Blue' (2007), 'Who Shot Mamba' (2007), 'Gods of Circumstances' (2007), and 'Friday Night at the DeWayne’s' (2007).

In 2013 and 2014, Eddie produced and played a lead role for a TV pilot titled 'Kode Orange: Los Angeles.' He also played supporting roles for an independent film titled 'Under A Red Blood Sky' and a feature film, 'Where Children Play', which starred Brian White, Macy Gray, and Teyonah Parris. His most recent work                                      includes playing lead roles in independent short films in Vancouver. He has also booked commercials                            , Dell, and most recently, Vancouver Audi.


Sangeeta Wylie:

Sangeeta is an Indo-Canadian actor from Newfoundland. Wylie is best known to most audiences for her work in Deepa Mehta's gangster movie Beeba Boys (2015), in which she played the part of Kiran in a scene opposite Bollywood star Randeep Hooda. Wylie continues to receive high praise for her work in film, television and stage. For her performance in ‘Beeba Boys’, director Deepa Mehta called her "exceptionally talented, genuine and fearless."

Wylie also worked on the television series ‘Nikita’ and feature films such as ‘Tower’ directed by award winning filmmaker Kazik Radwanski and premiered at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF). As a writer, director                                     and producer, Sangeeta co-wrote, directed and produced an original play ‘Dis-connect’ about online                                     relationships and how technology today may be affecting our abilities to relate to each other in the real                                     versus virtual world.

Rulan Tangen:

The journey of Rulan Tangen has encompassed that of actress, dancer/choreographer and teacher. Rulan Tangen's dance journey centers around the founding of DANCING EARTH CREATIONS (DE) in 2004, after several decades of an international professional dance career in ballet, modern, powwow, opera, film and television. 

Surviving cancer to discover her leadership purpose, DE provides hope and opportunity by cultivating   a new generation of Native dancers through creative practice that explores inter-tribal diversity.

                               Their performances are rooted in ecological themes guided by Native elders, touring to fifteen (15) states and                                six (6) countries so far. Some of Rulan’s film credits include: ‘The New World’ ‘Apocalypto’ and                                              ‘Ancestor Eyes’.

                               Here is the link for her website: 


Nathaniel Arcand:

As one of Canada’s most talented and prolific Aboriginal/Indigenous actors, Nathaniel Arcand is also an accomplished musician, rider, martial artist and public speaker, often referred to as a “true indigenous action hero” for both his work onscreen and the support of his many charitable causes off camera.

Nathaniel joined the cast of 'Heartland' in 2007 as “Scott Cardinal” (now in its ninth season) as well                                     as starring as “Bruce Ward” in ‘Arctic Air’ (CBC). In addition to starring as “Victor Merasty” in APTN’s multi                                     award-winning series ‘Blackstone.’

                                    Nathaniel also appeared on the CBC’s series ‘North of 60’, running six (6) seasons and earning him a                                                   Gemini Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. His credits also include: ‘Due South,’                                                       ‘Incredible Story Studio’, ‘Caitlin’s Way,’ ‘Shoebox Zoo,’ ‘Smallville,’ ‘Jeremiah,’ ‘DaVinci’s City Hall’                                     and ‘DaVinci’s Inquest.’

                                    Most recently Nathaniel has appeared in the Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated motion                                                       picture ‘The Revenant,’ which saw the actors brave real life sub-zero temperatures and extreme conditions                                     in bringing authenticity to the making of the production.

Nalini Krishan:

Nalini Krishan is a Fiji-born Australian actress best known for her role as the “Mirialan Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee” in the Lucasfilm Star Wars prequel trilogy. (Eps. II & III). Krishan has been acting and modeling for the past eighteen (18) years. She is a former miss Fiji Indian Sun winner and also has graced the catwalk through many Indian community events.

In addition, Nalini has had roles in the feature film ‘Swift Shift Couriers Love Pizza,’ an array of TV commercials, and starred in such Bollywood films as ‘Prem Aggan’ and’ Soldier,’ just to name a few.

Recently, Nalini Krishan starred in the reality TV series called ‘Bollywood Factor’ in Australia, airing on Divya TV and c31 Indian Cable TV network in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia in April 2014.


Lorenzo Di Pietro:

A resident of Italy, Lorenzo Di Pietro has had the honor and privilege to be cast in one of the main roles in the first Italian production of ‘CANNIBAL: the Musical’, from Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the writers of ‘South Park’), Lorenzo has also been working on ‘QM2’ as lead vocalist.

Lorenzo is multi-talented and has appeared on stage, television, stage and voice overs. Growing up he listened to the big voices of America such as Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Bolton, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, which have taught him to speak English. Lorenzo has also worked on the Italian version of ‘CONCHA BONITA’ with the Academy Award Winner Mr. NICOLA PIOVANI.

                                     Lorenzo has sang with many internationally known artists as seen here:

                                     And Lorenzo's fan page:


Bernave V. Martinez:

Bernave V. Martinez was born in Ventura County and resides in the mountains of Santa Paula, where he graced the stage in 'Chasing Summer,' 'Saver,' 'The Origin of Lewis Hackett' and 'The Seagull.' Though Bernave has strong ties to the theater world, he also finds joy in doing film and can be seen in 'Dangerous Minds,' 'Hustla's' and 'GB 2525.' Bernave can also be seen on television in 'Killer Kids,' 'Outreach' and 'Could It Be a Miracle?'




Sabine Mondestin: 

From a young age, Sabine Mondestin showed an interest in both the theater and writing. At the age of nine (9), she played different roles on Stage, Commercial and Television Shows. Her greatest success came when she interpreted the role of Cleopatra, whom she played for four (4) years.

In addition to acting, Sabine was also a columnist for the television show “Noir de Monde” and a freelance researcher for National Radio and Television stations.

Ms. Mondestin also founded and owns the production company “ MyDestiny Production ” with which she produced, directed, and wrote the Web Series/Movie ‘13 Witches,’ for which she received                                     several awards including the ”Outstanding Producing for a Sci-Fi Horror Series” at the Prestigious                                                         LAWEB festival in Los Angeles.

                                   Sabine's newest venture the Open World Toronto Film Festival (OWTFF) is a Film Festival that helps                                    new and established Filmmakers gain exposure and recognition.

                                   For more information on the Open World Toronto Film Festival (OWTFF) and amazing sponsorship                                                      opportunities:

                                   Check out Sabine’s websites:




Ben Clayton:

Benjamin Daniel Clayton has been a multi-disciplinary artist from a very young age. At the age of four (4), he decided that his goal in life was to create products that would help change the world for the better; and at age nine (9), cast on stage as “Bugsy” in the musical ‘Bugsy Malone,’ he realized his passion for singing and acting.

Clayton went on to play many lead stage roles including; ”Fagan” in ‘Oliver Twist,’ “Ernest” in                                      'The Importance of being Ernest,’ and “Mr Mushnik” in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ before completing a BSC                                      in robotics, Masters in Business and Product Design, and studying Film Production.

                                    Ben's most recent projects includes; writing several successful grants to support a green tech start-up,                                     developing a patent pending technology, and playing lead roles in independent short films, to be submitted                                      to international film festivals, in 2016.

Thekla Hutyrova:

Thekla started Tae Kwon Do at the age of eleven (11) and has a 2nd degree black belt in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do. She started tricking (a form of martial arts) as part of her school's demo team and in competitions and is a 2x world champion in extreme forms and weapons (nunchuks). Thekla has a bachelor's in psychology at Old Dominion University. Thekla is of Slovakian descent and speaks the language fluently.

On some level Thekla Hutyrova had always been a performer, but it wasn't until she was cast as “Alexis” in a TV show pilot (‘The Rocks’) in her hometown Sedona Arizona that she decided she wanted to pursue performing and acting as a career. 

                                    Shortly after shooting the pilot, Thekla moved to Los Angeles and has been doing stunt work on small                                     shows, as well as working on rehearsals and helping make the action and fights for a couple of big budget                                     superhero movies. When Thekla isn't working or training she can be found teaching acrobatics and martial                                     arts classes and private lessons at the Extreme Martial Arts world headquarters.

                                    You can check out Thekla's martial arts action reel here:



Colin Corrigan:

Born and raised in Camrose, Alberta, Colin is best known to sci-fi audiences for his role of as “Sergeant Allen Nowart” on the series Battlestar Galactica. A recurring role Corrigan played over twelve (12) episodes during the last two (2) seasons of the series.

Colin’s other sci-fi credits include: ‘Jeremiah,’ ‘Andromeda,’ ‘Stargate: SG-1,’ Stargate Atlantis, ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Arrow’ and the feature film ‘Chronicles of Riddick.’ Colin’s most recent credit is the ‘Prison Break: Sequel’ mini series, which will air in January, 2017. 


Setu Taase:

Born in American Samoa, Setu Taase was raised in Southern California, where he was raised and currently resides. Taase is best known to audiences for his principle role in the feature film ‘Gridiron Gang’ (with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson), which was met with much praise from critics.

Setu takes much pride in his hometown of Carson, where there is a large Samoan community - so much so that he completed his studies at the local university. Earning his BS in Computer Science with Mathematics from the California State University of Dominguez Hills. When he’s not acting, he’s works as a Software Engineer in various fields. 



Denise Vasquez:

Denise Vasquez’s run the gamut from being a Host, SAG-AFTRA actress, Stand-Up Comedian, writer, Performer, Producer, Promoter, Booker, Founder of WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE™ ,Photographer at WO+MEN 4 APPLAUSE™ Variety Shows to being an Award Winning activist, artist, author, poet, singer/ guitarist/ASCAP performing songwriter and publisher. Some of Denise’s acting credits include: ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Total Recall (2012 film)’, “Heroes (TV Series), ‘Dark Blue (TV Series), Teen Wolf (TV Series), ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Cold Case’.

Here are the links for her social media and website, check it out! 


Arti Shah:

 Arti Shah is an Actress, Corporate Model, Creature Performer and Motion Capture Performer. 

She was born six (6) weeks premature and has been a fighter since day one.  At the age of two (2), she was diagnosed with a condition called pseudoachondroplasia, which is a big word to describe a small person.     Four (4) feet to be exact!

                                     Her diagnosis didn’t mean that she was bubble wrapped and not able to lead a normal life.  Far from it, she                                      wasn’t afraid to do anything.  In fact it made her more determined to pursue her passion for acting. Arti has                                      a motto; hard work, sheer determination and self belief.  She doesn’t let people hold her back as she has a                                        strong drive to be successful, but only hard work will allow this.

                                     She continues to work hard at training with her acting so she can keep pursuing to break down                                                            stereotypical  attitudes. Keeping fit, so she can work as a creature and motion capture performer, also                                                enabling her to maintain her physique for corporate modelling campaigns.

                                     A few of the projects Arti has worked on include: ' Frankenstein', 'Guardians of The Galaxy' and 'Star Wars:                                          The Force Awakens', to name a few.

                                     Through her work Arti raises money for Bliss, for premature babies. It’s a matter which is close to her heart.                                        Further information on Bliss can be found


Sera-Lys McArthur:

Sera-Lys McArthur is a Nakota and German-Canadian actress from Saskatchewan. She began acting at the age of twelve (12) in the CBC miniseries 'Revenge of the Land,' directed by John N Smith. In 2006, Sera-Lys was cast in another Smith project, 'The Englishman's Boy' She was honoured to speak her ancestral language for the first time on an indelible form of media such as film.

 Sera-Lys studied Musical Theatre at AMDA in New York, and received her MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School at the University of Essex in the UK. She can be seen in 'Hard Core Logo II' (which was shown at TIFF) by acclaimed director Bruce McDonald, as "Hailey" on all three (3) seasons of CBC's 'Arctic Air,' as "Amanda"                                     on two (2) seasons of "Hard Rock Medical," and as the lead in the APTN female-driven action pilot 'Skye and                                     Chang'.
                                    She toured the country in Kevin Loring's Governor General award-winning 'Where the Blood Mixes', and                                             premiered a role in Red Sky's 'Mistatim.' Sera-Lys is the sole actor in Arcticle 11's touring vehicle 'In Spirit', by                                     Tara Beagan, based on too many true accounts of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.                                             Sera-Lys is very excited to be joining forces with Mind Shadow Entertainment. 
Carson Durven:
Born in Birmingham, England in 1961, Richard Carson Durven (commonly know as Carson Durven) and his family emigrated to Canada when he was a young child. He became interested in acting while in high school. After a year of study at Ryerson University he returned to England to study acting for four years at the East 15 School of Drama as well as the Evening Academy of Dramatic Arts, while he worked and studied his craft with coaches like the renowned Jack Waltzer (Assistant to the late great Lee Strasberg). 

Richard returned to Canada where he joined ACTRA and later Screen Actors Guild. He continues to work as                                       an actor appearing in film stage and Television productions. Some projects include well known television                                           series as: 'Soul Food'  'Killjoys'  '12 Monkeys' and the 'The Expanse' 


Jamie Loy:

Jamie Loy is an American Actress, Producer, and Director from Northeastern Oklahoma. Her recent credits include the award-winning films ‘The Cherokee Word For Water,’ ‘Meeko,’ and ‘Violet.’ Jamie has worked alongside veteran actors such as William H. Macy, Zahn McClarnon, Wes Studi, and BooBoo Stewart.

Jamie also prides herself on being athletic. She is a six (6) - time state champion in the sports of cross-country, track, and basketball. She has training in Silat, Eskrima fighting, American boxing, Muay Thai boxing, and weapons training with knives, sticks, and swords.

For acting, Jamie has training in scene study, cold reading, stage movement, prop placement, elocution, body                                    language, and audition intensive from The University of Oklahoma. Apart from her experience in front of the                                   camera, Jamie also has significant behind the camera experience as well such as Lead Stand-In, Set Decorator,                                 Stunt Coordinator, Second Assistant Director, and Script Supervisor among others.  Jamie’s passion for film                                       comes through in her work in front of and behind the camera.


Rosemarie Li:

Born in Pittsburgh, PA,  Rosemarie Li graduated from Tufts University with a double major in International Relations and Economics, Rosemarie got her first break when she landed the role of "Mei" in SouthPeak Interactive’s groundbreaking and award-winning video game 'Temujin' – a live action, first person adventure with 360 degree movement.

She then landed roles in the films 'Broken Vessels' (Jason London, Todd Field), 'Man of a Thousand Faces' (a James Hong docudrama), and 'Paris' (Chad Allen, Karen Black). Rosemarie got the opportunity to spoof "Jing-Mei Chen" (Ming Na Wen's character) in 'Mad TV’s' parody of ER working along side Alex Borstein, Michael McDonald, Debra Wilson and Aries Spears.

                                     In daytime television, Rosemarie Li has worked on 'Bold & the Beautiful,' and had a recurring role on 'Port                                          Charles' and 'General Hospital.' Most recently, Rosemarie played "Angel" in 'Shirin in Love' (Nazanin                                                    Boniadi, Amy Madigan, Riley Smith, Maz Jobrani) and "Pei Ling" in award-winning 'John of God' (shot in the                                        Democratic Republic of Congo). Other projects have included 'Blood & Bone' (Michael Jai White), 'the                                                  Ministry' (Ron Yuan, Russell Wong) and she is now working on the new sci-fi series 'The Interface' (Arnold                                          Chon and directed by Ben Ramsey) and 'Due Penance' (Raymond Forchion).

                                     Rosemarie has studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under Milton Katselas, Alan Feinstein Acting                                            Studio, Raymond Forchion, voiceover Bill Holmes and looks forward to studying fighting technique under                                           famous actor, producer and stunt director James Lew. She has also played thirteen (13) years of classical                                             piano, including recognition from National Guild and competition at Peabody Institute at John Hopkins                                               University.