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Kahlid Elijah Tapia:

   Kahlid Elijah Tapia is an American actor who built his film career in Seoul, South Korea. His reputation &          experience as an expat thespian made him a budding success in an overseas film industry.

   In 2009, Kahlid moved to Korea to teach English and was noticed and cast by a young director in his first        short film "Bedwetting." A year later (2010), Kahlid was cast in his first Korean feature film 'Super Monkey        Returns.'

   As an awards recipient & blogger, Mr. Tapia continues to prove that his time as an expat thespian was the        most effective venue for learning the craft & business of acting. He is known for his feature film work in            'Jojakdwen doshi' (2017), 'Haebangchon' (2015), & 'Seu-pa-i' (2013).



Nikki Soohoo:

     Nikki SooHoo is best known for her roles in the movies: ‘The Lovely Bones,’ directed by Peter          Jackson,‘Stick It,’ the gymnastics movie starring alongside Jeff Bridges, and the cheerleading movie     ‘Bring It On: Fight to the Finish,’ costarring with actress/singer Christina Milian.

    Currently, Nikki is filming a number of episodes on the Paramount Network's new TV series               ‘Heathers’(a reboot of the 1988 feature film). Audiences can catch Nikki SooHoo  on the Webseries                                                 ‘Miss 2059’ on Verizon's Go90 app, on Nick Jr.'s animated series ‘Shimmer and Shine,’ where she                                                  voices the character, “Princess Samira,” and ‘Chalk It Up,’ the gymnastics film currently on Netflix.

                                                 Audiences can connect with Nikki Soohoo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at: @nikkisoohoo or                                                  at