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Kahlid Elijah Tapia: 

  Kahlid Elijah Tapia is an American actor who built his film career in Seoul, South Korea. His reputation &           experience as an expat thespian made him a budding success in an overseas film industry.

 In 2009, Kahlid moved to Korea to teach English and was noticed and cast by a young director in his first   short film "Bedwetting." A year later (2010), Kahlid was cast in his first Korean feature film 'Super Monkey   Returns.'

As an awards recipient & blogger, Mr. Tapia continues to prove that his time as an expat thespian was the most effective venue for learning the craft & business of acting. He is known for his feature film work in                                    'Jojakdwen doshi' (2017), 'Haebangchon' (2015), & 'Seu-pa-i' (2013).


Nikki Soohoo:      

 Nikki SooHoo is best known for her roles in the movies: ‘The Lovely Bones,’ directed by Peter Jackson, ‘Stick It,’ the gymnastics movie starring alongside Jeff Bridges, and the cheerleading movie ‘Bring It On:   Fight to the Finish,’ costarring with actress/singer Christina Milian.

 Currently, Nikki is filming a number of episodes on the Paramount Network's new TV series                                                                   ‘Heathers’(a reboot of the 1988 feature film). Audiences can catch Nikki SooHoo  on the Webseries                                                       ‘Miss 2059’ on Verizon's Go90 app, on Nick Jr.'s animated series ‘Shimmer and Shine,’ where she voices                                              the character,“Princess Samira,” and ‘Chalk It Up,’ the gymnastics film currently on Netflix. Audiences                                                   can connect with Nikki Soohoo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at: @nikkisoohoo or                                                                       at


David M. Santana:

 Actor David M. Santana was born in Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands, Spain. Santana was educated at   the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He developed a love and passion for movies and acting   at home thanks to his grandfather. He studied theatre in London and Madrid. He attended Identity   School of Acting and the Actor's Center among others. 

 David Santana made his screen debut in the episodic film 'Star Wars. Episode VII. The Force Awakens'   directed by J.J. Abrams, and has recently worked with Scott Derrickson ('Doctor Strange'), Gareth             Edwards ('Rogue One. A Star Wars Story'), J.F. Padrón ('ArchanHELL'), Sergi Páez ('Villa Offline'), David J.                                              Skinner ('Víctimas'), Lily-Jean Paterson ('Crush') and Víctor Manitore ('The Soul of the Bohemia'). David                                                 also worked as Miguel Angel Silvestre's double on 'Sense8' TV series.

                                             He is represented internationally by the prestigious casting agency "Ruth Franco Management".


Jess Glez:

Actress Jess González was originally born in Osnabrück, Germany, but grew up in Vigo, Northwest Spain. She is the youngest of two sisters. González was educated at El Castro and IES Santa Irene, where she developed a love of acting. She studied theatre in Madrid, London and Milan. She attended Identity School of Acting, City Lit, Maria Beltran and William Layton among others.

González made her debut on stage when she was very young at a school play of the "Three Bears", since then she's taken more serious roles as Martirio in "The House of Bernarda Alba", Myrine in "Lysistrata" and Beatrix in "Much A do about nothing". She is also Director and co- founder of the production company Pathos Theatre Productions, with whom she's produced "Matryoshka's journey", "Lessons to dissect a heart" and "Crush".

                                       She made her screen debut on the shortfilm "The Rejection" directed by Charles H. Joslain, and has                                                       recently worked with Geoff Court and Belal Ladkani on "Super Love Junkies", Lily-Jean Paterson "Crush"                                               and Víctor Manitore "The Soul of the Bohemia".


Tito Aceves:

Born in Bilbao, Spain in 1977, Tito Aceves began studying music at an early young age, playing both guitar and piano. He was a late boomer in acting, taking part with small roles in several television series filmed in Spain during the last years. Tito has studied in the Fundación First Team Acting School (Scott Cleverdon and Assumpta Serna) and in Central del Cine, in Madrid.

Apart from acting on television, Tito has performed in hundreds of spanish schools doing micro-musical theater shows in English. Possessing a strong aptitude in the sciences, Tito Aceves graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering, and has worked for many years in the field of renewable energies.




Andrew Bee:

Andrew Bee grew up in Calgary, Alberta, having a very successful career as a competitive Ballroom and Latin Dance Teacher, in 2009, Andrew Bee shifted his focus to follow a lifetime dream of becoming an actor. 

In 2012, Andrew Bee entered The IMTA (International Modelling and Talent Association) competition in New York, and in Los Angeles in 2013, placing 3rd Actor of the Year both times and winning the monologue competition in Los Angeles.

Andrew Bee can be seen in the 2016 Warner Bros worldwide blockbuster, 'Suicide Squad'. Currently                                                   Andrew Bee is currently filming his first feature film called 'Dragon Boy.' 


Aurea Gonzalez:

An actress/model Aurea Gonzalez was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Aurea Gonzalez grew a  passion for arts at an early age. Aurea's "go-getter" attitude pushed her to be a part of many short films, student projects, and theatre productions.

Aurea Gonzalez graduated with honors from the City College of New York in with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, having majored in Advertising and Public Relations and double minoring in Theatre                                                  and Journalism. Throughout her recent years, Aurea Gonzalez has published several articles, winning a                                                finalist Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2015 and has gone                                                      onto pursuing a variety of personal and professional passions.

                                            Aurea aspires to grow professionally as an artist, diving into all sorts of creative projects, and continues                                              to create work for herself and other artists like her. 


Jairus Ong'etta:

Born in Nyamira County in Kenya, Jairus Ong'etta has been a Fashion Model for the past two (2) years, and is currently pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Music at Kenyatta University. 

In addition to making his (international) acting debut with Mindshadow, Jairus Ong'etta is also an Inspirational Spoken Word Poet.  He is also the founder of Mime Kenya, a group among the few in Kenya performing the art. Jairus is also a skilled vocalist and musician (guitar), who contributes his gifts towards positive change. 

In October 2016, Jairus Ong'etta was crowned the first ever Mr. Albinism Kenya (2016-2017). Ong'etta is driven                                   by his passion to develop talents and confidence in young children with Albinism, and to initiate programmes                                   that will benefit People with Albinism (PWA). It is Ong'etta's longterm desire to see people with Albinism                                           being positively represented in all areas of life. 


Karen Tusa:

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Karen Tusa is an award winning Actress and Producer. Karen has been passionately involved in the film industry for several years, and has had many roles in films and commercials.

 Karen recently won a Gold Award in Los Angeles, CA for her Lead Role on the TV Pilot - 'Price of Spice,' and nominated for a Nollywood & African Film Critics' Award (NAFCA) in Hollywood for 'Price of Spice'.  

In addition, Karen Tusa recently decided to also assist behind the scenes as a producer. As Producer on                                               the "Jenny and Jeff" Mini-series, the series went on to win fifteen (15) awards globally, including five (5) in                                           Los Angeles CA and nominated for over thirty five (35) awards.   

                                       Karen was also President/CEO of Family Friendly Video Inc., (Canadian based operation for U.S.                                                           Company) Karen successfully ran this company which rented and sold Family Friendly and Christian DVDs                                         all over the world for over for four (4) years.


Nami Miyazaki: 

Nami, and her brother Wataru, grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to Tokyo, Japan for university.  There, they were scouted for various modeling jobs in commercials, magazines, catalogues, and other  editorial work. Nami has done a little bit of theatre work in Tokyo appearing as the character “Mayme” in the play intimate apparel. However, both Nami and Wataru put their careers on hold to complete                further academic pursuits in the social sciences and natural sciences. With the completion of their              studies, they are now dedicated to building stronger careers in the arts.




Wataru Miyazaki: 

 Wataru, and his sister Nami, grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to Tokyo Japan for university. There             they were scouted for various modeling jobs in commercials, magazines, catalogues, and other editorial         work. Wataru has taken part in minor independent films. However, both Wataru and Nami put their                   careers on hold to complete further academic pursuits in the natural sciences and social sciences. With the completion of their studies, they are now dedicated to building stronger careers in the arts.