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The strength of any company lies within the management team. At the core of Mindshadow Entertainment are individuals who bring to the company in-depth expertise in the various aspects of motion picture production: which include writing, project management and finance.


Will Crawford

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 


Will Crawford (William Crawford II) possesses a wealth of experience in screenwriting, legal/market research, business-writing, team-building, web-promotion and customer service/quality assurance that spans well over twenty (20) years.  Will has written several screenplays, including ‘Kings of Pain’, ‘Soul On a Rope’ and ‘Area 23.’

Crawford has worked with major entertainment properties with studios such as Activision Publishing Gray Matter Interactive Studios Inc and Treyarch Invention LLC, to name a few. Some of the entertainment properties Crawford worked on include: ‘Ultimate Spiderman,’‘Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One.’


As it turns out the only thing “OLD” around here, is ME.


Danie Kingsbury

Chief Operating Officer


Danie has over a decade of experience in Early Childhood Development as well as close to a decade of experience working in the Public Sector. These include working with the Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve team at Health Canada and the Aboriginal Affairs Directorate as well as the Status of Women.

Through her career, Danie has cultivated strong relationships by choosing work that puts her in direct contact with people of all ages and of all walks of life. She is an avid film and music enthusiast and enjoys discovering new people that bring their own experience and point of view to the table.

‘Being French-Canadian, art is a vital part to me, of my everyday life. It is through art, whether it be music, painting, movies or storytelling, that intimately connects to my identity and I love being surrounded by artists that make me discover new sights, sounds and tell me their story. Storytelling is what humanizes us and connects us because at the end of the day, we all have common stories that binds us together as a people.’


Daya Halai

Co- Executive Producer / Public Relations (UK)

Daya Halai graduated from London, the London College of Communication, University of Arts London, with a BA Honours in Graphics and Media Design, also completing a course with the Society of Typographic Designers. Her dissertation that she wrote, was on symbolism within Hinduism, highlighting a key method of communication and how this is interpreted as culture. She continued at the University of Arts London, completing courses on Women's Wear at London College of Fashion.

Daya began her career in Graphic and Media Design by working with several top London Design Agencies, over a span of seven (7) years, this followed by two (2) years of freelance positions, with Design Agencies and Corporate Companies, including heading up the Brand department for the EMEA region of Babcock & Brown, a global fund and infrastructure company. Followed by setting up her own agency in 2009, in which she provided clients with services equal to top London Agencies. Developing a company known for integrity, quality of relationships and attracting the best, to achieve exceptional and sustainable results.

In 2018 she launched her own fashion label, Jywal London. Jywal London was created to fulfill the passion of embroidery, fabric and style. Jywal London is a specialist in glamorous dresses that an be worn for any occasion,. Which includes kaftans, jackets and capes, all designed, tailored and hand crafted with exuberant quality, with the unique fusion of East and West. Jywal London has been featured in Vogue and Daily Mail. The garments have been worn by the jazz singer Sarah Goodwin, jazz band Belle Noir, pop singer Chess Galea and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg.

Jywal London was recently mentioned in a major UK publication as well.

In 2019, Daya acquired the position of Co-Executive Producer and Talent (Actor) with Mindshadow Entertainment, responsibilities including; Marketing, Strategy, Administrative and Development, all with business and entrepreneurial skills. Also fulfilling a life dream of an acting role, looking forward to the craft and the laughs...


Mary Oyaya

Chief Officer: International Business Development 


Mary has two Master’s Degrees in International Relations and International Social Development both acquired from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia. With her qualifications she has worked with refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. She also has vast experience in public relations.

Mary Oyaya is best known as “Jedi Master Luminara Unduli” in the Lucasfilm Star Wars saga (Eps. II & III). She is an Honorary Member of the 501st Legion (A worldwide Star Wars fan club), Rebel Legion, Star Wars Club Portugal, Rebel Legion Mexico and many others. Her experience in Entertainment started as a model and her career spans over sixteen (16) years in the Entertainment industry.

“Being a part of Mindshadow Entertainment gives me a great opportunity to widen my involvement in creating Social impact in the Entertainment World.”


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Bio Coming Soon!


Fabio Tursi

Chief Digital Interactive Strategy Officer (Game Development)


Hailing from Italy, Fabio Tursi is a business/entertainment professional who has over ten (10) years of experience involving franchise media properties and interactive entertainment. He has been credited with writing for many television networks in Italy: including reality shows, comedy series and variety shows).

Tursi has worked on several media projects developed from major licensed media franchise properties. These include: ‘Terminator: Genisys‘, ‘R.I.P.D.,' ‘Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,’ and ‘Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,’ ‘Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood,’ and ‘World Of Warcraft,’ among others.


Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Bio Coming Soon!


Arati Misro

Chief Marketing Officer


Misro, a producer of film and TV and an explorer of business models in Technology and Entertainment just wrapped a short film entitled 'GET OUT,' which is in post production that entails an all women principal crew.  She is also developing two (2) TV shows that addresses Healing in America  and women's contributions in Hollywood and beyond. Her latest film credits which screened in Cannes 2015 are "In Search of America, Inshallah" and "Sunrise" which addresses child trafficking in India. Both have won numerous awards and have been well received. 

Misro has extensive experience in Film/TV production and indie film distribution & marketing. She has also worked for Fox, Discovery, Sony. USA films and CNBC Asia  in various capacities. Her extensive experience in sales has taken her to all major international markets such as Cannes, Toronto, AFM and Berlin. Misro also worked with the European Union and the National Film Development Corporation in India which is an educational forum about finance and production based in Berlin entitled Prime Xchange.
Misro has served as a Women in Film International Co chair, LA for nearly eleven (11) years, where she does extensive programming and mentoring for the International Community in Entertainment. She also serves as a board member for The Caucus foundation and is a committee member of Camp Reel which is an educational program for girls in filmmaking, self- esteem and life skills. 
Chief Logistics Officer (CLO)
Bio Coming Soon!

Dr. Lawrence Waithuru, Ph.D

Producer & Corporate & Creative Affairs Affiliate (South Korea)


Lawrence’s twenty (20) years of experience in South Korea encompasses Research & Development (R&D) as well as marketing.  Working for an LG affiliate and a Smart Grid engineering firm, his additional tasks also included product design, elementary components sourcing for prototype design and 3rd party product certification. Lawrence also possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in technology trend analysis, market research and market policy issues. He has also been privileged in representing his companies in several capacities (i.e. seminar, exhibitions) throughout European, North American and Asian Territories.

During his tenue in Korea (Lawrence has been a mainstay in South Korea since the late 1990’s), Lawrence has developed a great appreciation not only for South Korea’s work ethic and competitive corporate culture, but Korean traditional lifestyle as well (i.e. food and culture). In looking towards the future Lawrence sees great potential for Korea and believes the world is ready to embrace the “Land of The Morning Calm.

Chief Development Officer
(Bio Coming Soon)
Chief Branding Officer (CBO)
 Bio Coming Soon!

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) (reports directly to the COO)

Bio Coming Soon!


Chief Of Staff (reports directly to the CAO)

Bio Coming Soon!


Craig Falcon



Mr. Craig Falcon is Blackfeet and White Clay, enrolled with the Blackfeet tribe. His knowledge is far and wide when it comes to teaching culture in different venues. Falcon’s work in cultural education has led to a P.B.S. television documentary called 'Healing the Warriors Heart.'  

His recent work with the film industry as the cultural advisor for the motion picture 'The Revenant' starring Leonardo Decaprio, and Tom Hardy, gave him the opportunity to take cultural education to the big screen.  In the Academy Award winning film, Craig not only advised, but taught actors how to speak Arikara, sign language, script revisions, and acting. 

Here is a link to Craig's work on the film:

More recent films include the HBO miniseries 'Lewis & Clark,' 'Running Eagle,' 'The Adventures of Danny and Dingo' and a new documentary ' The Badger Two Medicine story.' 

Mr. Falcon is the Owner and CEO of Nightgun Consulting, a 100% native owned educational consulting firm specializing in indigenous research.  The goal at Nightgun Consulting is to build bridges between cultures and enhance the cultural identity of Native and Non-Native youth/ Adults across North America. 

Craig broadened his level of service, by starting his own Cultural Educational Consulting business, Nightgun Consulting.

You can contact Craig at for booking a presentation near you.


Nandini Bapat

Chief Officer: Comic Book Division


Nandini Bapat is the Chief Officer of Mindshadow's Comic Book Division and is responsible for creative development, talent acquisition, publication and distribution of Mindshadow's comic book properties. As an avid reader, teacher, and comic book-aficionado, she has explored (and collected) a vast number of genres across comic literature.

When she completed her Master's in Education at the University of La Verne, Nandini published a science-based comic book for high school students as a supplementary educational source for biology classrooms, as part of her dissertation on the effectiveness of comic books in education. Since then, Nandini has focused on writing and creating superhero comics that represent and showcase strong women and girls of all ethnic backgrounds.

As a first-generation Indian-American, Nandini knows very well what it is like to grow up in a society where your background is very rarely represented or represented in stereotypes. In addition, Nandini is a Los Angeles-based actress and recently appeared on an episode of FOX's 'Scream Queens' and writes Young Adult novels in her free time.


Jorge Garza

Interim Chief Financial Officer and Creative Projects Manager for Mindshadow Entertainment 


Jorge studied International Trade and obtained his Master on Business Administration from HEC Montreal in 2008. With experience on project management of global localization endeavors for some of the largest retailers and manufacturing companies, as well as extensive experience in trade and business promotion with the Canadian Embassy in Mexico, Jorge brings his international and intercultural work experience to Mindshadow. Additionally, he enjoys visual arts, from filmmaking to video installations, both as a viewer and a creator. He is passionate about languages and literature.

As a member of the Mindshadow Entertainment team,  Jorge is in charge of consulting and management of various creative projects.

“I love working with artists because they create, first and foremost. I am there to guide them and give direction to the overall projects in order to keep them on track. It always fascinates me to see the amazing end results when you put a group of talented creative people to work together."


Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Bio Coming Soon!


Sophia Reaves

Executive Creative Officer


As Producer/Director/Actress Sophia Reaves has made a name for herself in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.

Sophia has spent 10+ years working as an actress on various TV, film, video and theater productions. Recently, she played a principal character in a national airing of TLC's “Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?", produced by Sirens Media. She also can be seen at airports and bus terminals around the country in a Public Service Announcement (PSA) she starred in for Homeland Security, produced by RaffertyWeiss Media.

Sophia also won the hearts of many Power Rangers fans as Kimberly, the Pink Ranger in ‘Teenagers With Attitude: A Power Rangers Fan Film,’ and as “Dulcea” in the ‘Zordon of Eltar’ fan film, both produced by Lone Wolf.

You can view Sophia's demo reel here:


Although Sophia enjoys her career as an actress, her artistic eye for directing became evident and and as a result, Sophia launched her production company, 31:30 Productions, taking her aspirations to the next level, where she can further express her varied giftings.

As a woman who identifies with both her Black and Puerto Rican heritage, Sophia understands the plight of minorities in finding opportunities for prime roles. Sophia's vision for 31:30 Productions is to showcase talent from various backgrounds, particularly those who are under-represented in the entertainment industry.

Currently, Sophia is working on producing and directing a short action series featuring empowered, multi-talented and diverse women. If you are interested in learning more about Sophia’s work, you can view the trailer for her most recent project 'Roses Underground.' 


Ken May

Executive Creative Officer

 Editor. Writer. Director

Born in Philadelphia, PA and a Los Angeles resident since the age of four (4), Ken May is an alumni of the Film Production program at L.A.C.C., as well as the Video Symphony School of Media Production.Ken also writes screen and stage plays, is a songwriter, has performed theater, and "Stand-Up" comedy.

Ken has worked with Mindshadow Entertainment on earlier projects dating back to 1999. Currently, Ken May is the writer/creator of the upcoming Action/Horror comic series "Dark Rising" with plans to take "Live Action" in the near future.
"Anything Sci-Fi, Horror, or Fantasy, ... count me in". ~ Ken



Nalini Krishan

Operations Manager (Mindshadow UK) 


Nalini Krishan is Operations Manager in charge of Quality Assurance for Mindshadow Entertainment based in Surrey, United Kingdom. Nalini has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a Major in Tourism Management and Aviation Studies, a combination of educational discipline and work experience has positioned her in leadership roles with major financial institutions, with a focus on Quality Assurance to comply with quality, legislation and codes of Conduct within the banking world. Her business and professional career has taken her from Sydney, Australia (where she is from) to Los Angeles and London.

Nalini is best known for her role as the “Mirialan Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee” in the Lucasfilm Star Wars prequel trilogy. (Eps. II & III).